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In A Dumpster, What Is Not Allowed?

Pesticides, paints, oil, vehicle batteries, propane tanks, pesticides, gas cans, flammable liquids of any kind, asbestos, tyres, big appliances, and electronic equipment are all examples of hazardous materials.

Explain Me How I Decide Which Size Dumpster To Purchase

With a lot of furniture, you may need a larger dumpster. Going up a container size is never a bad thing because you want as much room as possible instead of having no room at all and still having goods to put in container. Always remember that. A 12yd roll-off can contain the equivalent of a mid-size car’s worth of material.

Does Roll Off Dumpster Have To Be Put In The Alley?

Of course there are certain exceptions to this rule. Dumpster delivery trucks can’t safely deliver their containers in most alleys because they can’t back into them because of the low-hanging wires. As long as the alleyway is wide enough to accommodate the truck and container, this is an exception. Even if you don’t plan to put it on the street, you’ll need a permission. If you’d like to learn more about Advance Clean Dumpster Rental LLC, please contact us.

Where May I Place The Roll-Off?

Generally speaking, no, but there could be some exceptions. In order to prevent the truck from sinking into the grass, weight of vehicle would leave a series of ruts. If the area you must use is dry and plywood is laid down for container to sit on, an exception can be made. For more information, call Advance Clean Dumpster Rental LLC at (336) 203-7530.

Where May I Place The Dumpster?

Yes, in the vast majority of the time. The driveway is generally not an option for many renovation as well as construction projects. You can put the container on the street after obtaining street permit from your municipality. Some municipalities limit street permits to a certain number of days and charge a fee for issuing the permit, or they may require barricades. The barricades and permits are often the duty of the hauler in various places.

Can I Order A Dumpster Without A Permit?

If the container will be placed in your driveway, no permit is required to order one. It is only necessary to obtain an official permit when the vehicle is travelling on public roadways. If you’re not sure whether you’re following any local laws, always double-check with your municipality.

Is There A Back Door For Dumpsters?

A swing door on the end of a roll-off container can be opened to allow people to walk items into container. For the roll-off door to swing open, it requires a 9-foot area.

Is It Possible That A Dumpster Could Damage My Driveway?

You can protect your driveway by laying plywood down so that the container can be placed on top of it. During the hot summer months, the weight of the container or the truck can leave indentations in asphalt driveways, which can lead to cracks. The best approach to protect your driveway from damage is to lay plywood over it.

What Is The Durability Of The Dumpster?

Depending on the dumpster company, this may or may not be the case. Depending on the company, they can be rented for as little as 5 days or as long as 30 days. The maximum rental period is 15 days.

Does The Delivery Or Removal Require My Presence, But What Should I Do To Prepare For Container?

It’s up to you whether or not you want to be present for the delivery and removal. Tips to keep in mind if you don’t want to be there:

1. Ensure that the delivery and removal area is clear of all vehicles and other objects.

2. Check to see whether there are any cables or overhead impediments in the delivery area.

3. If the container needs to be set down on plywood, make sure the delivery area has been indicated and plywood has been laid out on the driveway for driver’s convenience.

What Is The Limit For What I Can Put In The Dumpster?

Materials should not be placed above or protruding past the load level label found on all containers.